Blog Overhaul!!

Hi all!

I’m really excited because I have spent all day making my blog look fresh, planning posts and creating my own picture-quotes!

Little personal update – I am in my home town at the moment, I am working as a marketing assistant for Participate UK and I am in week 2 of BBG and it is going well! I have achieved a first in my second year at uni and I am moving into my third year now, I have made some savings and I have booked my third adventure of the year to Boa Vista, Cape Verde – so all in all I am achieving a few of my 2015 goals! (See previous post ).

Here is a taster with my first picture quote! Subscribe to my blog, follow me on social media (Instagram @ChangingLazy ) and enjoy my posts!

Happy Friday!

Channelle X



The beauty of some time out… 

Hi all!

I haven’t used my blog in a while because I have been so occupied with other things and achieving my long lost of goals! My marketing job is going well, I have travelled to two new places: Barcelona, Spain and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (where I am right now whilst writing this post!) and I am on track to finishing my second year at university with a First.

So if you’re reading this you don’t need to go and book a 2 week holiday at the last minute that takes you 12 hours away from home just take an hour or 2 out and remember what it is you love to do when you’ve lost your way focusing on bigger things around you.

I have set myself a few new rules to make sure I keep taking that time out for myself!

1. I will go to the gym 3 times a week and do 1 yoga session minimum – the gym and yoga makes me amazing about myself and obviously I look and feel healthier each week – this is something I forget when my work and uni load grows!

2. One night a week is all about me! If there’s a film I want to watch, a 2 hour bubble bath waiting for me or even the fact my nails need some tlc, once a week I will make it happen!

3. Healthy food all the way!! Treats are allowed but after all I’m trying to change lazy!!

4. Instagram & my blog – somewhere I can document my progress, inspire others and inspire myself – time to give it the care & attention it deserves!

So enjoy your day and take some time out to focus on you! If you’re like me anything & anyone comes before loving yourself & now is the time to sort that out!!

Have a lovely day – my last day in Mexico!

Channelle x

My Goals For 2015!


2014 is almost over and like most people I have some goals I’d like to achieve in 2015!!

It’s very common to say “new year, new me” but this year I have some challenges I’d like to overcome to possibly make that happen! In the new year I’d like to completely change the way I look, feel and how I go about life.

Here are my goals for 2015:
1. To pass my second year of university with a 2:1 or a 1st.
2. To get a marketing job or internship through the summer in Coventry.
3. Change my diet to a healthier one and stick to it to change my crisp and chocolate binges!
4. To try new foods & eat more vegetables
5.To become more lean and strong by going to the gym and doing yoga.
6. Improve my yoga! I’m not as flexible as I thought…
7. To travel a little more than this year (I went one one trip this year)
8. To stop letting things get to me so much- I am a very emotional person and I often get upset over small things, such as, I don’t havethis gets me down, however this is very negative and I want to change this outlook and love what I do have!
9. To make some savings (my ultimate goal is to move to America to have a marketing career in the sun! However I need to save up before I can go anywhere!)
10. To do anything I can to be positive, healthy and strong in all of my attitudes, relationships and activities!!

Hopefully by achieving these goals or even just working towards them I can become more strong and positive and move towards my American Dream and be a generally happy person!

What are you New Years goals?

Have a lovely day and a great new year!
Channelle 🙂

Changing Lazy


I would just like to welcome you to my new blog, my blog will be documenting my personal progress, experiences & attitudes in my transition to changing my lifestyle after years of trying & failing! I want to help others who feel the same as I do, I am a really fussy eater so I will hopefully recommend you to some other blogs with fabulous food ideas & I will share with you everything I try myself as well as some exercise information, tips & anything else that comes my way!

I am a very shy person when in the gym and it takes me a while to get comfortable in the environment. During 2014 I was using the gym at the Village Hotel, Coventry and I spent 8 solid weeks eating healthy & training hard to have that ‘bikini body’ before I went on a beautiful holiday to the Dominican Republic with my boyfriend, however as soon as my bum hit the sun bed and I had a lemonade and packet of crisps in hand my laziness came straight back into play and I’ve done a rubbish job at committing ever since (again)!

I am a student living off a student loan, so I can’t afford to spend money on personal trainers or expensive programs of the internet when I know I probably won’t stick to it once it’s finished! So I am trying to make my lifestyle change work for me with what I have learnt along the way & keeping my food shopping fresh & healthy (which is actually cheaper than buying lots of processed crap & snacks!).

I would like to show my creative side with this blog as a marketing student and hopefully to prove myself and anyone else that lazy habits can be changed!! My boyfriend and his sister have been a massive inspiration to me as they have both changed their lifestyles into healthy and positive ones.. now it’s my turn! I hope that with this blog I can help you in one way or another to achieve what you want to and show you that your unhealthy, lazy & comforting habits can be changed into more positive ones! My transformation may take a while as I want to do it properly this time & change my laziness once & for all so I am always here for support if anyone needs it throughout, as a lifestyle change is a journey, not a destination!

Have a nice day!

Channelle 🙂