The beauty of some time out… 

Hi all!

I haven’t used my blog in a while because I have been so occupied with other things and achieving my long lost of goals! My marketing job is going well, I have travelled to two new places: Barcelona, Spain and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (where I am right now whilst writing this post!) and I am on track to finishing my second year at university with a First.

So if you’re reading this you don’t need to go and book a 2 week holiday at the last minute that takes you 12 hours away from home just take an hour or 2 out and remember what it is you love to do when you’ve lost your way focusing on bigger things around you.

I have set myself a few new rules to make sure I keep taking that time out for myself!

1. I will go to the gym 3 times a week and do 1 yoga session minimum – the gym and yoga makes me amazing about myself and obviously I look and feel healthier each week – this is something I forget when my work and uni load grows!

2. One night a week is all about me! If there’s a film I want to watch, a 2 hour bubble bath waiting for me or even the fact my nails need some tlc, once a week I will make it happen!

3. Healthy food all the way!! Treats are allowed but after all I’m trying to change lazy!!

4. Instagram & my blog – somewhere I can document my progress, inspire others and inspire myself – time to give it the care & attention it deserves!

So enjoy your day and take some time out to focus on you! If you’re like me anything & anyone comes before loving yourself & now is the time to sort that out!!

Have a lovely day – my last day in Mexico!

Channelle x


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