About Me


Hi, I am Channelle Cowburn. I am 20 years old & originally from Coventry, UK but I am studying BA (Hons) Business & Marketing at MMU Cheshire (currently in my final year). I work for a company called Participate UK based in Nantwich as a marketing assistant and I absolutely love it! My personal goals are to become healthy, positive & strong in my mental & physical attitudes as well as achieve a successful career in marketing.

I am a first time blogger and I created this blog for numerous reasons, firstly I am a marketing student, so I love to be creative & make good use of my free time! Secondly I am lazy when it comes to changing my lifestyle. I have tried since I was 15 to maintain a healthier life but as I am a serial snacker and very shy in the gym, as well as adoring my bed I never stuck to it long enough to change my lazy ways! I would also love to document my travels, although I’m not backpacking around the world I spend all my spare pennies on seeing somewhere new!

I want to use this blog to reach out to other people like myself who want a more positive lifestyle & to finally become self confident in the gym or when exercising at home. I am often told by people I don’t need to lose weight, however I am not happy with the way I look & feel & after all these years I am determined to make a change & hopefully make other people see that lazy habits can be changed! I also want to learn new things, meet new people and become a happier person in so many parts of my life.

I hope that my blog can help you in at least one way!

Feel free to contact me here are some details:

Email: channelle_cowburn@hotmail.com

Instagram: @changinglazy (where I document my fitness progress and meals) or @channellecowburn (personal)

Twitter: @channellexx

Channelle X


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