Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


27/08/2014 – 11/09/2014 I went on a 2 week holiday to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We flew from Manchester Airport with Thomson Airways, on the way there it was a 787 Dreamliner – which may I say is a lovely experience when flying! And on return we has 783 Dreamliner which had the same facilities but less space.

We stayed in H10 Ocean Blue and Sand, a 5* rated hotel and I have to say it was a dream come true, the hotel was beautiful and absolutely huge! It had a large buffet resturaunt for everyone’s 3 main meals, a sports bar which has a full snack bar, Mike’s Coffee shop, Mexican Restaurant, Steak House, Itailian Restaurant (which was amazing food and atmosphere) an American themed restaurant, a French Restaurant which were all included for as many meals as you like and a sea food restaurant on the beach which you could pay for or it was free if you were a H10 premium customer. The hotel also offered lunch on the beach, a casino, night club, theatre, daily activities, piano bar, free wifi and an entertainment venue with bowling, ping pong, pool with a kids area upstairs, private beach and two large swimming pools with swim up bars surrounded by gardens. This hotel really took my breath away. The staff were brilliant at all times and the hotel was kept completely clean, I would 100% recommend this hotel to anyone.

DSC05140 DSC05240 DSC05341 DSC05382

Whilst in Punta Cana we wanted to make the most of it and do some trips outside of the hotel! The first one we did was on a boat to a deserted island where nobody lived to have a BBQ and a relax. On this trip we took a coach to La Romana and caught a speed boat into an area in the middle of the sea that was crystal clear and came no higher than your waist. We held starfish here, played in the sea and enjoyed how beautiful the surroundings were. The next stop was the island where we soaked up some sun and had a chicken and lobster BBQ on the beach! This trip was amazing – all of the scenery was beautiful and it truly felt like heaven on earth! We then returned to La Romana by catamaran with Bob Marley blasting and the drinks flowing and then got the coach home. This trip was amazing and I could not fault it, the people were great, the weather was perfect and the beaches and water were simply breath taking.

DSC05181 DSC05185 DSC05197 DSC05207 DSC05214 DSC05223

The second trip we did was the Outback Safari which was an experience of a lifetime…

When I was a small child my parents took me and my sister to Sosua, Dominican Republic and we went on a safari to see what local life was like, the trip was amazing and really showed what a blessing our lives were so 10 years on I wanted my boyfriend to have the same experience!

Firstly the people who work at the company were amazing, all of them are so happy, kind and caring as well as being multilingual and always putting your interests first- something everybody should aspire to be like no matter where you’re from! The safari picked us up from our hotel early in the morning and took us to the first stop which was a local school. The journey to the school allowed us to see the true life in Punta Cana as we drove out of the commercial areas and into the sticks where there were multiple farms, shacks and even DIY phone lines! The school was lovely, a small little house will multiple desks, all of the children were in the same uniform no matter how rich or poor they were because whilst they were at school they wanted to be equal. We donated $20 to the school but I wish we had been more prepared and had taken school supplies (pens, paper, felt tips ect) because it is so expensive for those to buy the supplies so if you plan on doing a trip like this please take that stuff over and avoid sweets because the children lack dental care! The next stop was to a coconut farm where we learnt everything you could possibly know about coconuts in a cute colourful shack! We also learnt that coconut oil is one of the best things to put on your skin to get rid of mosquito bites! After this we moved onto the Safari’s own grounds. We walked around to see the protected iguanas, alligators, growing bananas, avocado and other fruits and a cigar factory where a man was making traditional cigars using his bare hands! We had the opportunity to purchase these or anything from the hand made gift shop that was there which was also cheaper than the market stalls in the commercial areas in Punta Cana. We then had lunch here as the food and drinks were included in the trip and I have to say the food was the best I have ever tasted!! We had traditional fried chicken, spiced rice, BBQ meat and salad. You had choice of any drinks and we were given cold compresses which I thought was a lovely touch!! After we’d stuffed ourselves we went to a local family home in a beautiful little coloured house, we met the family and learnt all about their cacao business where we tried cacao as a plant, raw hot chocolate and learnt everything you can know about chocolate! Me and my boyfriend purchased some cacao body butter from here and it smells absolutely divine!! From here we went to our final stop which was a beach! I enjoyed this so much because we had a body/boogie boarding lesson (which I know consider as my unknown talent!!) we had a fabulous time and such a laugh and now whenever me and my boyfriend go to the beach we go body boarding because its so fun!! This trip was so well planned and delivered and the company are amazing! If we ever go back which I’m sure we will I will definitely be contacting the company to volunteer for them as they are brilliant and worth every penny!!

DSC05248 DSC05251 DSC05252 DSC05262 DSC05269 DSC05271 DSC05275 DSC05287 DSC05289 DSC05295DSC05310 DSC05315 DSC05320 DSC05323 DSC05324

Overall this holiday was absolutely amazing! We received good service from Thomson and the flight was very comfortable! The hotel was gorgeous and all in all Punta Cana is a MUST.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Channelle X


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